Tri-Immune IM Booster Injection
Location: $25.00
Concierge: $75.00

Triple Defense immunity formula that consists of potent antioxidants and an essential mineral that assist in supporting the body’s immune system.
Can be given once weekly


Ondansteron Hydrochloride Injection
Location: $25.00
Concierge: $60.00

Helps decrease nausea and headaches


Folic Acid IM Injection
Location: $25.00
Concierge: $50.00

Helps repair red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body.
Folic Acid is good for iron deficiencies.


B12 Injection (add on)
Location:   $50.00
Concierge: $60.00

Energy, Balance, Better Mood, & Deeper Sleep.
Balance Immunity, Mental Clarity, Weight Loss, Higher Metabolism


Glutathione IM/IV (add on)
Location: $40.00
Concierge: $75.00

Increase energy, slows down aging process, reduces muscle & joint discomfort, strengthens immune system, detoxifies the liver and cells, improves skin, mental clarity & focus, quality of sleep, reduces the effects of stress, athletic performance and recovery.

**Please specify which service you’d like whether its an IM Injection or IV Add on**


L-Carnitine (add on): $50.00
Same Price for Location & Concierge Services.

Carnitine is a substance that helps the body turn fat into energy.
This is an add on vitamin.


Vitamin D3 Injection (50,000IU/ML):

Locations: $25


Building and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Great for energy levels and moods.


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