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Owner and Founder


Dripp IV Therapy started due to the spike in Hospital Census all across Southern California. Nurse Vanessa is the owner and has 7 years’ experience as a nurse in Long/Short Term Care Settings, Home Health, Workers Compensation Management and Emergency Room Case Management. 

Alongside our amazing medical director, Dr. Jeffery Edman, we hope to alleviate the need to go to an Emergency Room or doctor’s office and bring the basic needs at your convenience. 


Licensed Nurse since 2014 + IV and Blood Withdrawal Certified + CPR Certified

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Hannah has been a nurse for two years graduating with her BSN from West Coast University. Hannah has experience in Acute Care , Home Health and Outpatient Surgical Center. Aside from her outgoing personality, Hannah takes pride in assuring her patients receive the best treatment in the most comfortable environments. 


Servicing the Los Angeles and Greater Los Angeles Area, book Nurse Hannah for all your Dripp IV Needs.


License Number: 95209966



Alisha has been a nurse for over two years and has her BSN as well as her MSN. Alisha has experience in critical care and is ACLS & BLS certified. 


Alisha always strives to provide her patients with the most exceptional care whether it be in the hospital or in the comfort of their own home.


License Number: 95185736


Nicole has been a nurse for a little over a year and is currently in school to receive her BSN. Nicole has experience with critical thinking in Case Management, patient care and has been in a hospital setting for over 18 years.


Nicole has the warmest heart and most welcoming attitude! 

Serving the Orange County Area, Nurse Nicole cannot wait to get you Dripp’d.


License Number: VN711422

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Daisy has been a nurse for over a year, and working in the medical field for over 5 years. Daisy has the amazing ability to grasp new tasks and performs well under pressure!


Daisy is compassionate and willing to go the extra mile for every patient that she encounters! Nurse Daisy is eager to make every Dripp count. 


License Number VN 711028


Yunnie has been a Registered Nurse for over 2.5 years now. Nurse Yunnie has experience in critical care and is ACLS & CCRN certified. Nurse Yunnie is very hard working and always making sure all her patients are comfortable and receive high quality care at every appointment. 


Nurse Yunnie will also recommend the best Dripp to fit your lifestyle needs! 


License Number: 95188944



Nurse Carly has been a nurse for 6 years working in surgery, case management and primary care. Carly is currently in school to obtain her BSN. Nurse Carly strives to leave an everlasting impression on her patients lives. Nurse Carly is ready to get your drippin! 

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Carol has been a nurse for 5 years now. Nurse Carol is currently in school to receive her BSN. Carol has experience in pre-op and pacu . She is BLS, ACLS, and IV certified. Nurse Carol is also bilingual! She strives to provide the best care possible to all of her patients!



License Number: 693613

NURSE Champagne

Nurse Champagne has been in the nursing field for 8 years. She has experience in clinical and rehabilitation settings. Nurse Champagne  strives to make all her clients feel comfortable and happy!

She's ready to get you booked and dripped!

License Number: 278996

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NURSE Clarissa

Clarissa has been a nurse for two years now graduating with her BS from West Coast University. Nurse Clarissa has experience in Home Health, Clinical and Hospital setting. She is also bilingual!

Nurse Clarissa is eager to get you Drippin!

License Number: 95245845

NURSE Melissa

Melissa has been a nurse for 10 years and in the medical field for over 20 years. Her experience includes: integrative health and wellness, Cosmetics, Dermatology, Surgical Nursing, Hospice and home healthcare.  Melissa is a companionate nurse who genuinely cares about the health and wellness of her clients and strives to provide you the best experience possible!

License Number: 275212

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NURSE Karina 

Nurse Karina has been working as a nurse for 6 years. She has experience in the surgery and procedure center, and she is currently in school to receive her BSN. Nurse Karina is bilingual. ​

She is ready to get you Drippin!

License Number: 


Nurse Vanna has been a nurse for 3 years. She has her BSN and has medical/surgical and oncology experience. Nurse Vanna is BLS and chemotherapy certified.

Nurse Vanna can't wait to meet you and Dripp with you!

License Number: 95207295

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NURSE Tiffany 

Nurse Tiffany has been a nurse for over 5 years. Tiffany has experience in pediatric critical care, adult inpatient, labor and delivery and hospital clinics. Nurse Tiffany is also bilingual. 

Nurse Tiffany is passionate about supporting her clients in feeling healthy and happy!

License Number: 95170253

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