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The "A" Team 

Meet The Team
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Nurse Vanessa


Dripp IV Therapy started due to the spike in Hospital Census all across Southern California. Nurse Vanessa is the owner and founder, and has 9+ years’ experience as a nurse in Long/Short Term Care Settings, Home Health, Workers Compensation Management and Emergency Room Case Management. Her main goal is to alleviate the need to go to an Emergency Room or doctor's office and bring the basic needs at your convenience, on your time!

Nurse Vanessa's view on holistic medicine has helped hundreds of customers quality of life and overall view on "medicine."

Licensed Nurse since 2014 + CPR Certified + Business Management Expertise. 


Operations Manager 

Marina has several years of experience in a professional management setting. She is always striving to ensure Dripp and our clients are always satisfied and comfortable. 

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Nurse Alisha 

Lead Nurse

Alisha has been a nurse for five years with bachelors as well as a masters in Nursing. Her experience ranges from multiple specialities including ICU and Chemotherapy Infusions. Nurse Alisha always strives to provide the most optimal IV Hydration experience for all of her clients whether it be a first time client or a regular. 

Nurse Alisha has you covered 


License Number: 95185736

Covers IE Area

Nurse Clarissa

Clarissa has been a Nurse for two years now, graduating with her BS from West Coast University. Nurse Clarissa has experience in Home Health, Clinical and Hospital settings. She is also bilingual!

Nurse Clarissa is eager to get you Drippin!

License Number: 9524584

Covers LA Area

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Nurse Carly

Nurse Carly has been a nurse for 6 years working in Surgery, Case management and Primary care. Carly is currently in school to obtain her BSN. Nurse Carly strives to leave an everlasting impression on her patient's lives. Nurse Carly is ready to get you drippin! 

License Number: 692494

Covers LB Location 

Nurse Vanna

Vanna has been a Nurse for a couple of years. Nurse Vanna ensures to show her clients the best care possible. Not only does she ensure her clients are healthy and hydrated but she also ensures they walk out with a smile!

License Number: 95207295

Covers LA Area

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Nurse Susan

Susan has been a nurse for over 20 years. She has experience in Trauma and Burns ICU,ER, and Care Management​. Nurse Susan is passionate about providing a safe and comfortable environment for her clients and patients to ensure their optimal wellbeing. 

Not only is she bilingual in Spanish, she is also an expert with "hard sticks."

License Number: 584044

Covers OC Area and Beach Cities

Nurse Hannah

Hannah has been a nurse for two years graduating with her BSN from West Coast University. Hannah has experience in Acute Care , Home Health and Outpatient Surgical Center. Aside from her outgoing personality, Hannah takes pride in assuring her clients receive the best treatment in the most comfortable environments. 


Servicing the Los Angeles and Greater Los Angeles Area, book Nurse Hannah for all your Dripp IV Needs.


License Number: 95209966

Covers LA Area


Nurse Nicole

Nicole has been a nurse for a little over a year and is currently in school to receive her BSN. Nicole has experience with critical thinking in Case Management, Patient care and has been in a hospital setting for over 18 years.


Nicole has the warmest heart and most welcoming attitude! 

Serving the Orange County Area, Nurse Nicole cannot wait to get you Dripp’d.


License Number: VN711422

Covers OC Area

Nurse Nancy

Nancy is a passionate Nurse who always strives to provide the best care possible. She is motivated and dedicated to helping clients customize their IV Dripps to their desired benefit and overall wellbeing. 

License Number: 95275652

Covers IE Area

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Nurse Karina

Karina has been a Nurse for over 7 years now. She strives to ensure all her clients are leaving feel good! Nurse Karina is also bilingual. She is your go to nurse if you are spanish speaking!

License Number: 691819

Covers LB Location

Nurse Angelica

Angelica has been a Nurse for over 5 years. She has experience in Extensive Psychiatric Nursing and Aesthetics. Nurse Angelica is positively influencing and ensuring patient-focused care and environment. 

License Number: 95188394

Covers IE Area


Nurse Lilianne 

Lili has been a nurse for over 20 years. She has experience as staff and travel nurse, including specialties in Case Management, Med/Surgery, and Cardiac Step-Down units. Lili takes pride in providing quality service to all of her clients. She is also proficient with IV's when it comes to "hard sticks."

License Number: 671147

Covers LB Location 

Nurse Carol

Nurse Carol has nursing experience of 6 years including Urgent Care, /geriatrics, /women's Health, Case Managment, OR, Home Health and Hospice. She enjoys making sure her patients are comfortable by making their experience with IV' as gentle as possible including for those "hard stick" patients. 

BSN Licnese: 95334861

Covers LA/OC

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