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Currently only available at our Hollywood Location! 
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What Are Exosomes?

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    xosomes  are extracellular vesicles that particles that release naturally from a cell that cannot replicate

  • Exosomes play a vital role in the communication and rejuvenation of all the cells in our body

  • Exosomes from young stem cells rejuvenate the older cells and assist in calming an overreactive system or modulating it to respond in a coordinated and more effective fashion.

What Is Exosome Therapy?

Exosome Therapy is a minimally invasive procedure commonly used in orthopedic injuries, for anti-aging and some other degenerative diseases. This therapy can improve signaling between cells, reduce inflammation, cause cells to regenerate, and modify the bodys immune response when its not healthy.

How Can Exosome Therapy Help You?

Exosome Therapy is a highly targeted, flexible treatment for conditions like osteoarthritis, chronic pain, and musculoskeletal injuries. Genetic disorders, chronic and degenerative diseases, and the natural again process can all inhibit your cells ability to communicate. Exosome therapy improves the communication channels between cells to stimulate healing. 

Is Exosome Therapy Safe?

Your body makes and uses exosomes all the time and knows what to do with them. No long term negative side effects have ever been reported with this treatment. 

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Your results will typically depend on your age, the extent of your condition, and how long you've been suffering.

Exosomes Are:

  • Anti- inflammatory

  • Anti-fibrotic

  • Easy to administer 

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